Lent Sermon Series

This Sunday, February 28, starts the beginning of a sermon series about Lent. Lent is the season in the yearly church calendar when we grieve over sin, so Good Friday and Easter Sunday come as a relief and joy. Our greatest problem is sin. God’s great solution is the cross and resurrection. Thanks be to Him for providing us a way to overcome sin and be in union with God!

Please join us for this sermon series leading up to the Easter holiday!

Prayer Sermon Mini-Series

In support of the Pray Newaygo local movement, we will be beginning a mini-series on prayer entitled “Prayer’s Mysteries.” We invite you to watch this series on Facebook live, YouTube, at our drive-in venue, or in-person at our socially distanced auditorium on Sundays at 10 am.

Together, let’s explore the mystery of prayer, and “let us pray” for our Newaygo neighbors. They need it! So do we!

For more information on the Pray Newaygo local movement, please visit http://www.praynewaygo.com

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! With another year behind us, we are thankful that God has blessed us with so many faithful followers to worship with. We look forward to worshipping with you this year and in the future!

Right now, we still have in-person worship services at 10 am Sundays in our socially distanced auditorium. Children’s programs & nursery are operating with safety protocols in place. We also have our drive-in venue in the parking lot in the back behind the building, and you can always listen on Facebook live by visiting http://www.facebook.com/frcfremont . Sunday’s services are also posted on our YouTube channel and the website on Sunday afternoons for you to watch at your leisure.

If you have any questions about our worship service or programs, please email us at info@frcfremont.org or send a message on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you on Sundays!

Christmas Eve Virtual Service – 7 pm

We invite your family young and old to gather at your homes at 7 PM on Christmas Eve to watch our special 40-minute virtual service of worship and praise! The service will include a number of FRC families in festive attire filmed by their Christmas trees, a Christmas Eve choir filmed in the FRC auditorium, plus a meditation by Pastor Joel. We invite you to have candles handy, and perhaps open gifts with your family after the service. The service will be available for viewing on both FRC Facebook and our website at 7 PM on Christmas Eve.


Advent Begins With a New Worship Series on Angels

Sunday, November 29 marks the first Sunday of Advent. Join us as we prepare for the season of Advent and look forward to the coming of Christ! Along with traditional candle lighting, devotions, & prayer, this Advent season will also include a worship series on angels. We will learn about these loyal creatures who do his bidding in praise, delivering messages, and providing hospitality, protection, and deliverance.

Please join us to worship during this Advent season! Listen on Facebook live, cruise into our drive-in venue, or worship in-person in our spacious, socially-distanced auditorium! (Per governor’s executive orders, congregants are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings during religious services.)

Mark Your Calendars – Youth Programs are Reopening!

Great news! Children & youth programs will be starting back up the first week of October. Sunday children’s programs, including nursery, Worship Center, & Kid Connection will begin on Sunday, October 4th during morning worship.  Club 57 (for kids in 5th – 7th grades) will begin on Wednesday, October 7, at 4:30 pm. GEMS & Cadets (for kids in 1st – 8th grades) will also begin on Wednesday, October 7 at 6:30 pm. Please browse through the website to view the updated policies & safety procedures that will be used during each program to keep volunteers & children safe. For more detailed information or for any questions, please contact Pastor Joel or the individual program’s director. Praise God that we are able to have all of our youth programs fully operational in a safe & secure manner!

Joint Community Worship Service – Sunday, Sept 6th

Join us this Sunday, September 6, for a joint Community Worship Service at 10 am in the west Gerber parking lot! This service is provided by First Reformed Church, 1st Christian Reformed, 2nd Christian Reformed, and Church of the Living Christ. There are 2 venue seating options: bring a lawn chair and sit on the west grass area and listen via speakers, or sit in one’s car (drive-in style) and listen via radio. Communion will be served, & attendants will be masked for your protection. Prepare your hearts according to 1 Corinthians 11:28.

Take this job and love it! It is our calling as Christians to work as unto the Lord. Our work is more than drudgery and a means to make money – it is a way to honor and serve our God. The occupation of janitor is as holy as the occupation of minister! Join us for a joint worship service as we learn how God is honored by our work, and how all work should be done for God’s glory.

Following Jesus in Crazy Times – New Sermon Series

The times are crazy. A virus more contagious and more dangerous than Covid-19 is attacking us. We are infected with seemingly incurable division. People are confused and angry! The internet carries everyone’s opinion on everything everywhere. Truth pays the price. Civil strife is rampant. In the midst of such craziness, where do Christians stand, and how should we act?

Graduation Sunday June 14th

Your invited to worship with us this Sunday June 14 as we celebrate our 2020 Graduates…their future plans.  There is no greater time, perhaps, when one is more filled with hope about what life will bring, than when you graduate (High School/College).  Your life is before you and you are setting out to make decisions that will assuredly bring you the most awesome life ever!  It is great to have that kind of hope.  But what matters most might not be what you think.

Job Openings

We are accepting resumes for office asst. and janitor positions. Resumes may be turned in to the office, or Pastor Joel, Tom VanDusen, Doug Johnson, Judy Vissia, Dave Deur, Sarah Cummins, Kent Hartger or Luke Stroven by June 14th. You may view the job descriptions via our website or on our private Facebook site. Interviews will be conducted by the Vision & Personnel Team Wednesday, June 17th.