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348 E Main St
Fremont, MI 49412

Tel: 231.924.4950
Fax: 231.924.6239
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Sunday Worship Services:
9:30 A.M.
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Wednesday Evening Ministries:
6:15 P.M. - Prayer Meeting

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Community Youth Outreach

Jesus hung out with all of the sinners of his time; zealots, tax collectors, name it and he was with THAT crowd.  Why?  That answer can so often be overlooked, but the simplest answer is this:  Love.  Jesus loves sinners...all of them.  Whether they know Him or not, he loves them.  He wants to save them (2 Peter 3:9).  So who are we, as sinners ourselves, to neglect our fellow sinners from God's love...the ONLY truth?

Therefore, it is a strong emphasis in our youth ministries to reach out to those who are in need both physically and spiritually.  We have outreach on a couple of different levels. 

Service Projects

First, our students do a monthly service project in the community (counting Grand Rapids and Muskegon, since Fremont is small).  We try to show the love of Christ by our actions...just like Jesus did as a strong part of his ministry.  He never just spoke love, but he demonstrated it.  Jesus always taught something and then demonstrated a young community of believers, we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Secondly, some of our leaders and myself are in the process of establishing programs in the community.  Some of us are currently mentoring at Fremont High School, and there is always room for growth (if you are interested, contact me).  Also, we have taken on the responsibility of some community events...such as 5th Quarter.

5th Quarter

5th Quarter is an event that takes place after all Friday home varsity football and basketball games and is sponsored by local businesses (the current season is being sponsored by Fremont Ford).  The idea is to give the students something to do on a Friday night as an alternative to partying and making not-so-wise decisions.  Ultimately, it is a safe place where students can go after the games. 

5th Quarter is simply open gym and open commons areas with free pizza and pop.  We keep the structure to a minimum so students can simply hang out.  All students grades 9-12 are invited.

Why do I share all of this with you via our website?  It's simple, so I can brag about how awesome I am.  I'm kidding.  The truth of the matter is that Christ is awesome.  He has called us to make disciples of all nations and we are called to be like him (hence the term CHRISTian).  Therefore, just as Jesus hung out with all of the "unlovely" and "untouchables," we are called to do the same.  All people are made in God's image and precious to him.  Therefore we are called to reach them so that He can save them.  Fact is, we were all lost until Christ found about we be His hands and feet so that these students can see that there is NOTHING that matters more than eternal life with Christ.


For more information feel free to contact me at

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 Opening Doors to Discipleship 
Opening Doors to Discipleship is a free online innovative educational program which offers three courses in the Presbyterian/Reformed faith. These courses will help equip teachers and leaders build stronger teaching skills, understand the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition and even take an online tour of the Bible.

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 Our Staff 
Pastor - Pastor Kevin Schutt
Youth Pastor - Matt Pifer
Ministry Gift Coordinator - Mary Johnson
Secretaries - Pat Terveer & Staci Stroven
Treasurer - Tom Wagenmaker
Custodians - Randy O'Neal & Brittney Escalante


Mud Bowl Mania III was a huge success!

Mud Bowl Mania Mud Bowl Mania is an annual community-and-faith-based benefit to help prevent hunger and homelessness in Newaygo County by raising funds to support Newaygo County Community Services (NCCS).

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