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Category: General News

Submitted By: Matthew Pifer | Date: 2-23-14, 5:34 pm | Category: General News

Read Philippians 4:6-7

How do I get rid of worry?  Identify the source is number one.  So what was your family like growing up, fear filled, insecure, did you measure up, did you hear words of affirmation and approval?  Are you now listening to all the doom and gloom of life, hearing only what's wrong, do you feed your worries?  Until you can express your fears, you can't get rid of them.  So pull back the curtain and expose your fears, every last one of them.  Are they financial fears, relationship fears, professional fears, safety fears---CALL THEM OUT IN PRAYER.  They can't stand the sonlight.   Make them stand before God.  And how do I do that you ask?  "Don't worry about anything, instead, pray about everything...then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything and everything you can understand."

So it's up to you, get rid of your PRIDE and LET GO SO GOD CAN GO!!!!

Prayer:  Father in heaven, help me to dump my junk of fear, pride, worry, anxiety and replace it with TRUST, BELIEF, FAITH, and be at PEACE. Amen

Scholarship Available
Submitted By: Pat Terveer | Date: 1-6-14, 10:28 am | Category: General News

First Reformed Church is providing scholarships as a supplement for those going into some type of ministry and attend a four year accredited college, university or seminary.

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W.O.W. (Worship on Wednesday)
Submitted By: Pat Terveer | Date: 10-1-13, 10:55 am | Category: General News


W.O.W. (Worship on Wednesday)  
         5:30-6:15 P.M. Family Night Dinner -Everyone Welcome   
6:15 P.M. Prayer Meeting in Room 17 
6:30 - 8:00 P.M. Kingdom Kids (4 & 5 year olds) 
Gems/Cadets (1st - 8th grade) 
6:45 P.M. Praise Team Practice 


How is your “Love” life?
Submitted By: Luke Stroven | Date: 1-17-13, 1:33 pm | Category: General News

It is common in the grocery store to see magazines and quizzes and questionnaires to assess your love life. At FRC we also have a questionnaire known as the “Spiritual Gift Inventory Questionnaire” that can help assess your “love” life, or more accurately your unique spiritual gifts for sharing the “love” of Christ with others. We now have it in a digital form on the website. If you have not taken it yet or if it has been awhile since you last did, we would appreciate it if you would take it at your convenience. It should not take more than 15 minutes of your time. Just go to the church website, The results will be tabulated and emailed to you. If you wish to use the paper form, those are also available. Just see Mary Johnson for those, or check the information table in the Gathering Center. Thanks for assessing your “love” life!


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 Opening Doors to Discipleship 
Opening Doors to Discipleship is a free online innovative educational program which offers three courses in the Presbyterian/Reformed faith. These courses will help equip teachers and leaders build stronger teaching skills, understand the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition and even take an online tour of the Bible.

All from the comfort of your home! You will need our Denominational Login Number to register.

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Pastor - Pastor Kevin Schutt
Youth Pastor - Matt Pifer
Ministry Gift Coordinator - Mary Johnson
Secretaries - Pat Terveer & Staci Stroven
Treasurer - Tom Wagenmaker
Custodians - Randy O'Neal & Brittney Escalante


Mud Bowl Mania III was a huge success!

Mud Bowl Mania Mud Bowl Mania is an annual community-and-faith-based benefit to help prevent hunger and homelessness in Newaygo County by raising funds to support Newaygo County Community Services (NCCS).

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