Joint Community Worship Service – Sunday, Sept 6th

Join us this Sunday, September 6, for a joint Community Worship Service at 10 am in the west Gerber parking lot! This service is provided by First Reformed Church, 1st Christian Reformed, 2nd Christian Reformed, and Church of the Living Christ. There are 2 venue seating options: bring a lawn chair and sit on the west grass area and listen via speakers, or sit in one’s car (drive-in style) and listen via radio. Communion will be served, & attendants will be masked for your protection. Prepare your hearts according to 1 Corinthians 11:28.

Take this job and love it! It is our calling as Christians to work as unto the Lord. Our work is more than drudgery and a means to make money – it is a way to honor and serve our God. The occupation of janitor is as holy as the occupation of minister! Join us for a joint worship service as we learn how God is honored by our work, and how all work should be done for God’s glory.