Prelude/Welcome:  Pastor Kevin Schutt                                        
Procession of 2018 F.H.S. Graduates
Acknowledgement of accomplishment/Opening Prayer and
Graduate Participation:
Instrumental:  Ali Dronchi (trumpet)/Aiden Slate (trombone):
Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley
Scripture Readings:
Cade Breuker – Isaiah 54:17 & Isaiah 43:2-3
Celia Eldred – Isaiah 40: 29-30
Ellie Folkema – 1Timothy 4:12
Karsten Knuver – Psalm 32:8
Caleb Koomen – Ephesians 2:10
Olivia Mangan – Jeremiah 29:11

Special Music:  Maddie Wosinski (violin), Holly Kortge (piano),
Stephanie Heger (cello), Anna Patenge          (singing): 
The Climb by Miley Cyrus
Instrumental:  Cole Hudson (piano), Holly Kortge (cello):
Lord I need you
Special Music:  Johanna Eckert (singing):
Good to be Alive by Jason Gray
Joe Wheater & Rich Wheater (singing/guitar): 

Expression of gratitude to FHS Teachers and staff.
Graduate Address:  Mr. Scott Sherman         
Expression of gratitude to parents and family.
Words of Encouragement to graduates:  Rev. Tim Engelsman
Special Music:  Dayna DeKryger (singing/guitar):
Don’t say Goodbye by Third Day
Emma Bush (singing/Ukulele):
I’m letting go by Francesca Battistelli
Prayer of blessing upon the 2018 FHS Graduates
Recession of 2018 Graduates
Dismissing of Family and Friends/Postlude